I am a teacher and artist with a commitment to compassionate social and environmental change. I walk other paths as well, including feminist activism and being an occasionally published poet. I am interested in both creative pursuits and intellectual challenges.  As such, I am unable to be interested in one thing. This is reflected in my portfolio, which includes more than one body of work. One body of work examines personal and political identity primarily through self-portraiture, touching on issues of age, power, and gender. My landscape work is more meditative, often reflecting on small, quiet aspects of natural and wilderness spaces. Yet other work explores narrative through rendered objects. A smaller, growing body of work is more conceptually based, involving digital work, mixed media, and explorations of scale.

I am a professor of Drawing and Illustration at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I teach both studio and lecture courses, including Contemporary Drawing Concepts and Methodologies,  Art of Social and Environmental Justice, and Image as Ideology: Power and Representation.